Our Mission

2018 poker run 50 foundation board picture

Our Mission is to raise awareness & funding for Epilepsy and other organizations that enable and foster the betterment of our society’s youth.

Here at The Fifty Foundation, Each of us wanted to create an outlet that allows us and the community to support an organization that benefits causes that our family, friends, or loved ones are/have been affected by. We intend on hosting a variety of charity events that raise awareness and donations. Aside from raising awareness, our goal for each event is to create a fun-loving atmosphere that promotes giving and community support.

100% of proceeds and contributions over cost will be donated to charity. We ensure to all of our supporters that we will be transparent with all funds raised through our events.

Board Members

The 50 Foundation is made up of the following Board

reese dismukes headshot

Reese Dismukes – President, Director
Hometown: Spanish Fort, AL
Current home city: Mobile, AL

I was blessed with the opportunity to play college football at Auburn University. Over the years, I received an amazing amount of support from my family, friends, and even from people, I didn’t personally know. It was amazing. Now, it’s my turn to give back to the community that has given me so much. My little brother has Epilepsy, that is my WHY for the 50 Foundation… God has given me this opportunity and platform to make an impact. I’m going to try my best to make the most of it.

My goal for the 50 Foundation is that 100% of funds raised will go to back in the community, by funding epilepsy research, as well as offering scholarship opportunities to kids at Baldwin County public schools. I would also love to see the community become involved with the 50 Foundation. I want the people in the community to come to us with their concerns and also bring light to new opportunities that can help our youth’s future.

If you choose to support our foundation, I would like to first thank you, and promise that your donations will make an impact for the betterment of our youth.

jake brackhan headshot

Jacob Brackhan – Vice President, Director
Hometown: Spanish Fort, AL
Current city: New Orleans, LA

It has always been of my belief that if you can help others, there is no reason you shouldn’t be doing so. The 50 Foundation provides an outlet for myself and close friends to provide for others, while increasing awareness and support for various causes that we are passionate about.

Ultimately, my goal for The 50 Foundation is to enable others to join in and provide support for various causes benefitting the youth and community. I want this foundation to reach a level that people and organizations in need of financial support, increased awareness, or a good time can reach out to us for assistance. As an organization, we do not want to be defined by who we are as individuals, but instead by the people that help this thing grow. If The 50 Foundation can help grow an attitude of giving and support, I will consider it a success.

adam adcock headshot

Adam Adcock - Director
Hometown: Spanish Fort, AL
Current Home City: Fairhope, Al

As a kid, I was diagnosed with a neurological disease and that has allowed me to understand the deep emotional stress and financial burden that is put on a child and their family or closed loved ones. I was fortunate enough to have people in my life during that time and they helped and supported me so many different ways. I want to be able to give back to those who may not have that same level of support that I was blessed with.

I hope to see The 50 Foundation reach a level of success to where we can greatly impact the present and the future of a child and their family in need. Not only in our community, here in Baldwin County, but across the nation. This can happen through hard work and your continued support of our foundation.

alex kozan headshot

Alex Kozan - Director
Hometown: Castle Rock, CO
Current home city: Atlanta, GA

I am proud to be apart of an organization that raises awareness for a great cause and offers financial support to the families of the children affected. Childhood is a pivotal part of every person's life and I want to be able to help support the children that need help.

jack wilson headshot

Jack Wilson - Director
Hometown: Spanish Fort, AL
Current Home City: Birmingham, AL

My name is Jack Wilson and I am from Spanish Fort, AL but I currently reside in Birmingham. I graciously accepted the offer to be included in the 50 Foundation because I get to work with like-minded, driven people towards the common goal of making a difference in the lives of people who need additional support. All contributions are appreciated and we guarantee the money will be used to give a child and their family the chance at a brighter future.